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Coin Lockers, Coin operated Lockers


Chose the Number of Compartments

There are generally six different compartment choices (1 compartment, 2 compartment, 3 compartment, 4 compartment, 5 compartment, 6 compartment), each varying with the number of locker doors in a vertical configuration.

full lengrth storage


2 compartment locker
3 compartment locker
4 door locker
5 door storage

 Full Length    

2 compartments

3 compartments

4 compartments

5 compartments


Locker Colour Chart


Lockers Coin Return Locks 

Dimensions mm 
Nest of 1 
 Nest of 2
Nest of 3 

 Lockers Coin Retain Locks

Sloping Top Caps
Prices Nett 

Chose the locker size


Other sizes are available 


Chose the locker nesting

locker nesting

Note:  nest of 3 lockers are not always available on larger sizes

Coin Locks

Coin lock denominations 20p, 50p, £1, £2, 20 cents, 50 cents, 1 €, 2 € & token

coin operated lock
coin collect locks
Coin Return Lock
Coin Retain Lock

Ojmar dry specification coin locks

This dry specification lock is loaded with features you would not get on your normal budget dry specification coin return locks. As standard the lock has a removable cylinder which you can change if the keys are missing or stolen to maintain security. The cylinders are easily replaced using a cylinder removal key, replacement cylinders are supplied with 2 keys. If you need replacement keys for the lock all you need to do is remove the cylinder, make a note of the code number on the cylinder and using this number we can provide you with replacement keys. This lock is on the popular Euro format and is available in a large number of currency options with £1 being the most popular. The lock cylinder are 10-wafer cylinder and reversible key with 2000 key combinations.

Lock specification sheet……

This is one feature packed lock at an affordable price.

Lock features

  • Coin options 20p, 50p, £1,£2,  20 cents, 50 cents, 1 €, 2 €
  • Euro foot print
  • Removable cylinder
  • Dry specification
  • Replacement keys
  • Coin collect box available
  • Wrist straps available
  • Differs up to 2000
  • Cylinder 10 wafer

Accessory Options

Once you have decided on the crucial specifications for your lockers, there are several other choices you can add to the mix. Most accessories are not required for completion of you locker, however they can add a finished more professional look to the locker or create easier cleaning for janitorial staff. Some accessories you may want to consider:

sloping top
locker stands
seat stand
Sloped Top
Converts the standard flat-top of a locker into a sloped top. Flat-top lockers are much more likely to collect dust, and due to the height of lockers are rather hard to clean well.
Locker Stands
Designed to lift the locker from the floor prolonging life span and easing floor cleaning.
Locker seat stands
Allows for the provision of a bench seat in front of the locker, this is ideal were space is at premium.