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Total Locker Service provide a range of locker room equipment and locker solutions to meet your need, our product offering comprises products that have been specifically designed to meet the rigours of modern locker rooms.
The product has been designed to keep the whole life cost to a minimum.

 Heavy Duty Locker

 Laminate door Leisure locker

 Bench seating

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Laminate door lockers


system 2000 leisure lockers

 System 3100 bench seating  System 1300 lockers
Laminate door dry area locker
Based on a mild steel locker, the heavy duty locker is available in four door options from full length to four compartment lockers.
Doors are manufactured from Solid Grade Laminate (SGL) to provide a high level of security as well as giving aesthetic appeal where required.
This locker is highly robust and resistant to damage and misuse.
Locking types include coin-operated, (collect or refund) high quality cam locks, latch locks plus card locks. School storage Designed to meet the needs of modern locker rooms.
Laninate door leisure lockers
System 2000 provides a package where good looks can be achieved within a budget, without sacrificing strength and security. The package is suitable for both wet and dry area use.


Frame and body assembly: unique extruded door frame uprights are formed from heavy gauge aluminium. Rounded profile allows easy bag deposit and removal.

Doors manufactured from Solid Grade Laminate (SGL).

Curved single piece body shell is hygienic and user-friendly with no sharp edges or dirt trap corners.

Mouldings: high quality polypropylene top, shelf, and base have lattice structure for maximum strength and security.

Hinges: strong, heavy-duty, full-length hinge assembly built into locker frame provides a high level of security. Plastic shrouding maintains tidy appearance while automatic door closure reduces risk of injuries.
Locker room bench seating 
Attractive, functional and sturdy to cope with the demands of today's changing rooms. The welded 40mm square mild steel frame is epoxy powder coated to give a hardwearing and practical finish.
  • Single freestanding bench
  • Single sided bench seating with coathook bar
  • Double sided seat with coathook bar
  • Seating - available in 'durawood' extruded polymer, hardwood, solid ash and solid grade laminate.
  • Floorfixing - facility included for floor-fixing and height adjustment.
  • Optional - shoe tray
Steel School locker
Available in various configurations and sizes ranging from full length units to multi-compartment units offering storage and security for up to six people.
With various width options available as standard, this mild steel locker provides enough permutations to satisfy the most demanding of requirements.

With a comprehensive range of modern colours and the option of stands, stands with seating, sloping tops and ventilation, such outstanding versatility finds an immediate cost effective application in a whole variety of environments.

  • Integral sloping tops
  • Improved ventilation
  • Stands or stands with seating